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What happens when Children and Young people access CBT?

It is important to emphasise that the content of therapy is governed by your child and they are empowered to work on their chosen goals. This is because they don’t have much control over their own lives and their anxiety. I offer therapy that is suited to their age and level of development and I make the sessions interactive and base them around their interests. If visiting my office is a problem, I can arrange visits to somewhere neutral or to your home.

Treatment will be frequently reviewed and everyone will be asked for feedback on how things are going. At the end of therapy, your child will be provided with a detailed summary so they can continue to use the skills they have learnt.

Families and Therapy

If a child is suffering with anxiety, it affects the rest of the family too. I think that it’s good to include the family in therapy for a number of reasons. You can become a co-therapist and help out with activities in between sessions, you can learn new techniques and notice when your child is deteriorating so that you can nip it in the bud. Your child may want you to stay in the therapy session or they may not want to involve you in the therapy process at all. In the latter case, I can give you some general skills that you can use. This is only if your child is happy for this to happen and it would be whilst respecting their privacy and confidentiality.

Therapy Resources

Some books that can help include Think Good Feel Good by Paul Stallard. This is a general CBT workbook that helps you to support your child practically and help them to manage their anxiety or depression. Books by Dr Dawn Huebner are great for younger children aged 6-12 who have upsetting issues. I can also recommend specific books and provide you with resources that are suited to your child’s needs. Below is a list of online resources that your child may find helpful.

The Site

Emotional support for young people.

Get Connected

Help for under 25s.


Young people who are being bullied, or feeling a bit low, can get online support from other young people.

Calm Harm

Is a an app for children and young people who have the urge to self harm. Written by a psychologist, it offers free step by step techniques that steer a child away from self harm so they can calm down and cope with the situation.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me via ‘Contact’ at the top of the page. I’ll be happy to discuss whether CBT would benefit your child.

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