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Free Mental Health Workshops for Students, Parents and Teachers in Secondary Schools and Colleges.

This offer has expired now, but please contact me if you’d like to hold a mental health or wellbeing workshop in your area.

For a limited time, I am offering short workshops and talks for students, parents or teachers within schools and colleges. The aim is to promote emotional health and wellbeing within educational settings so that teachers, parents or children and young people become more aware of mental health issues, learn coping skills or access the appropriate support.

“Social and emotional wellbeing creates the foundations for healthy behaviours and educational attainment. It also helps prevent behavioural problems (including substance misuse) and mental health problems. That’s why it is important to focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people” (NICE, 2013).

The workshops will include these topics but will vary depending on the audience and can be customised to suit your educational setting’s needs.

  1. Information about anxiety and depression in children and young people
  2. Recognising the signs and symptoms
  3. Promoting resilience and coping skills

My catchment area is the north west of England and the only thing I require is for you to produce and disseminate the resources that are needed for the session.

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