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From Timid To Tiger

If you want to discover the best approach to take when your child is frightened or worried, then From Timid to Tiger is for you. It is hard to raise an anxious child and many children under the age of nine are unable to articulate their thoughts, feelings and sensations. It can be very frustrating and exhausting if you have tried many things to encourage your child to manage their anxiety but feel that it’s no longer working.

About the Workshop

This workshop uses the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that are applied to parenting interventions such as play, discipline and boundary setting. In this workshop, we focus on how thoughts affect feelings and behaviours. We learn about our children’s anxiety and how they cope with it. We explore the use of positive strategies to build up our child’s confidence and motivation. We work together to develop closer bonds and manage anxiety. We also explore ways of setting limits and managing difficult behaviour. A key component of the workshop is looking at what hasn’t worked. We explore the obstacles and struggles in a friendly, supportive and lighthearted way and use analogies, demonstrations, discussions and stories to do this.


The workshop is limited to a maximum of seven families who have children with anxiety. The workshop will be run without their children present. There will be a short assessment to see if the workshop is suitable. 

The course runs over 10 weeks (with time off for any key holidays such as half term).

Course fee is £780

Registration closes 30th August 2021

To order register your interest please contact Maria Buckley at maria@freshthinkingtherapy.co.uk or call her on 01695 351395

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