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Guidance For Parents if your Child is Being Bullied

No parent wants to hear their child is being bullied. This blogs summarises what you can do to help. and who you can get support from.

1. Approaching the Subject of Bullying with your Child

Listen to your Child

Children generally don’t want parents to rush into school and sort out the issue with teachers. Many children are afraid that it will make the situation worse. By listening to whats happened, finding out how they feel and how it has affected them can really help. Ask them what they would like to happen. Many children say they don’t know but they want it to stop. You can ask them if there is anything you can do together at home to help and maybe give some suggestions.

Teach Them To Look Confident.

Even if children don’t feel confident, looking confident can boost a child’s self esteem a little bit. Teach them how to stand and walk confidently by rolling their shoulders back and raising their chin slightly.

Recovering from Bullying Ormskirk

Get Some Advice

Organisations such as the National Bullying Helpline, Bullying UK can offer great advice on dealing with bullying and recovering from bullying. Children can get support from ChildLine. There are local charities too. In West Lancashire and Sefton, there are organisations such as Parenting 2000 or youth clubs that could offer support and advice for young people.

Talk it through

Casual friendly chats are the best way to discuss difficult topics. A casual chat when you are both doing something together can be really helpful. You my need to continue to have a few of these before your son or daughter feels ready to do something about their situation.

2. Getting Support From School

Getting school to support you is key and each school should have a policy in place on how to deal with bullying. Arrange an appointment with the deputy headteacher, headteacher or key person that is in charge of the anti bullying policy. Make an actionable plan together and review it within a reasonable time frame.

3. If Things Don’t Improve

Discuss the next steps with school. You can get support from A.C.E which is an advisory body for education. http://www.ace-ed.org.uk/advice-about-education-for-parents/tackling-bullying?723f41ab-f201-428c-b5fe-7e67d7caa084.You can also call them on 0300 0115 142 for advice.

For more information on how CBT can support your child who is going through Bullying, or for help with helping your child in recovering from bullying in Ormskirk or the surrounding area, why not click on the word that’s highlighted.

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