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Mindful Parenting – ADHD

Being a parent can be joyful but also stressful, particularly if your child has ADHD. This course is specifically for you if your child has ADHD and struggles to pay attention and relax. It follows the research by Professor Susan Bogels and Dr Kathleen Restifo who focus on the prevention and treatment of child anxiety disorders through family interventions. If you want to help your child reduce stress, develop a stronger bond with your child, help your child be more calm or well behaved, then this course is for you.

Currently there are only a number of treatments to help children with ADHD and all have some¬†limitations. One of the findings from research done on these treatments is that a successful treatment for ADHD should focus on the core problems that affect children. These tend to be paying attention and difficulty planning a response or making goals.¬†Mindfulness has been taken from Buddhist Meditation and adapted to be used in everyday life. It’s core aim is to be present in the here and now and to let go of unhelpful thoughts, sensations and feelings. In Mindful parenting, you will learn to apply the skills of mindfulness to yourselves and to your experience of parenting your children. Mindfulness is also part of compassion. Being compassionate involves, courage, wisdom, kindness warmth and being non judgemental. These skills will help to buffer you and your family¬†in times of stress¬†and bring you closer together as a family.

The aim of the Course

  • Learn new mindfulness techniques to¬†teach your child to slow down and pay attention.
  • Build a stronger connected parent-child relationship.
  • Allow yourself some space and time to develop and practice your own compassion and mindfulness.

What will the course be like?

The course starts by introducing you to the different techniques of mindfulness. During each session there is time for reflection, feedback of the exercises and practising self compassion. We then start to practice mindfulness in everyday life and explore your personal limits in order to help you set limits with your child. Finally we include exercises to help you reconnect with your child after a difficult conflict.

How long is the course

Each session is 2 1/2 hours long and is over an 8 week period.

More Information

Elisabeth holds regular group sessions but is able to also offer it on on a 1-1 basis too. Please contact her for availability and prices.

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