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Will You Get Into Trouble If Your Child Refuses To Go To School?

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School refusal is a phobia of school and the very mention of school can bring on anxious thoughts and feelings. 50% of children who refuse to go to school meet the criteria for a specific anxiety disorder. Because school refusal is anxiety based, it should not be confused with truancy. If your child is playing truant, then there are serious consequences but with school refusal, the local authorities are really equipped to help and support your child and your family.

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Is Body Image Important?

Body image is a very important part of being human. When we first meet somebody we form an impression of them straight away, we tend to focus on someone’s face and eyes because they give us so much information about what they are trying to communicate.

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How Bullying Affects Children and Young People.

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At some point during all of our lives, we’ve all experienced some sort of bullying; whether we’ve been bullied or bullied someone else. Here at Fresh Thinking Therapy we’ve seen many people come in through our doors or over a video call looking for help to come to terms with the effects of bullying on how they can move forward with it mentally. Bullying even during childhood can manifest itself well into adulthood and could hold you back from being your best self in the future. The best time to deal with the effects of bullying is now.

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Mindful Parenting - ADHD

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Being a parent can be joyful but also stressful, particularly if your child has ADHD. This course is specifically for you if your child has ADHD and struggles to pay attention and relax. It follows the research by Professor Susan Bogels and Dr Kathleen Restifo who focus on the prevention and treatment of child anxiety disorders through family interventions. If you want to help your child reduce stress, develop a stronger bond with your child, help your child be more calm or well behaved, then this course is for you.

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