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Bottling Things Up?

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Most of the people who come to see me wear a mask. On the outside they smile, laugh and crack jokes but when I hand them my mood questionnaire, I usually see they have thoughts that they wished they were dead or had thoughts of harming themselves. People don’t usually want to say how bad they feel, that they have suicidal thoughts or they’ve had enough of this world. However, having that discussion about feeling suicidal and depressed can really help. The truth is that depression is very common but deadly. This article outlines the signs, the statistics, the myths and the support that is out there. To lose someone from suicide is heartbreaking and an awful legacy to leave. It stays with people forever.

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Will You Get Into Trouble If Your Child Refuses To Go To School?

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School refusal is a phobia of school and the very mention of school can bring on anxious thoughts and feelings. 50% of children who refuse to go to school meet the criteria for a specific anxiety disorder. Because school refusal is anxiety based, it should not be confused with truancy. If your child is playing truant, then there are serious consequences but with school refusal, the local authorities are really equipped to help and support your child and your family.

Mulan Reflection

Is Body Image Important?

Body image is a very important part of being human. When we first meet somebody we form an impression of them straight away, we tend to focus on someone’s face and eyes because they give us so much information about what they are trying to communicate.

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