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What is Confidence?

Do you look around and see the people looking confident or doing amazing things that you wish you could do but never had the guts. One of the definitions of confidence is believing in yourself and it is gained in a whole number of ways. This week is the start of Childrens Mental Health Week and the theme this year is Find Your Brave. Becoming confident is about taking some brave steps forward.

Taking some brave steps to be more confident.

Bravery comes in many forms, from revealing something about yourself to others, trying something new or even pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Bravery can be asking for help, or deciding not to cope with things all by yourself. So lets have a look at the steps you can take

1. What is holding you back? For many of us, we are afraid of what might happen if we believe in ourselves more. Will we be rejected? Have more responsibility? Get hurt? By identifying our fears and obstacles for moving on, is the first step in becoming more confident.

2. Break down the steps to move forward. Lets try and make things easier for you. What small steps can you take each day that is not so scary to boost your confidence up. Who can help you and what resources can you use?

3. What personal strengths do you have? I’m not talking about skills. I’m talking about qualities that are at the core of you. Things like a sense of humour, flexibility, good at problem solving etc etc. If you’re having trouble thinking of these things, it might help to ask your family or friends. If that’s too much for you, here is a good **website. Once you have listed your qualities, choose one each day and use it. This increases your belief in yourself. Confidence!

4. Have a think about times when you have been brave and successful in the past. What did you do? What happened? Just before Olympic athletes go into competition they think about their previous successes, going through one step at a time and visualising how each part went well.

5. Be compassionate towards yourself. Have a think about a good teacher that you like. Why did you like this teacher? Is it because they encouraged you? Did they give you confidence? A tip is to try and adopt a non judgemental, encouraging tone of voice and use kind words to encourage you to take a brave step forward.

Now you have the foundations to make that brave step towards confidence. Last step………..


Go and do that thing!

Sometimes when our confidence is low, we are also feeling depressed or anxiety is just too much to cope with by ourselves. There may be other obstacles in the way. If you are struggling and have obstacles getting in the way of you confidence, CBT can really help. If you would like to know more about how I could support you, why not give me a call on 0161 8831156 or contact me via the contact page.

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